7 Content Marketing Tips Every Startup Needs to Follow

Content marketing is one of the most important and effective strategies for search engine optimization. Without potential content marketing techniques, it is impossible to achieve the desired results.

Many entrepreneurs cannot promote business development digitally because their bad content marketing strategies are not enough to increase sales. Content is the reason for the continuous growth of digital marketing and the reason why people are more involved in the digital market.

Before making the right content plan, it will be very effective to make a lot of investment in the development of corporate website, and then do the same marketing and website marketing for SEO.

Every brand has its own uniqueness, so content marketing should be suitable for the business and your goals. Although content marketing is based on your company’s niche and execution methods, some strategies are discussed below:

Do some research

First, you should research the content of the website. For example, if your website is about an e-commerce store, write it according to the development trend of most similar business applications.

Trends are very important, because to meet the standard, you should follow the trend to write. For research purposes, please read more and more articles about your niche, paying attention to its writing style. In addition, you should pay attention to their writing style, because the writing style in the search engine guide is conservative and natural, which is easy to understand.

In addition, research should be targeted at your audience and their interests. You should see what your audience likes to read and what they skipped.


Whether you are writing for a blog or hiring professionals, creativity is very important. If you are not an expert in creating creative content for your website, choose to hire a professional writer. You can also use freelancers when cash is short.

On Fiverr, Upwork and another freelance platform, there are thousands of freelancers who can hire creative people.

Creativity in writing is important because it will arouse readers’ interest in your content and your website. If you think your content is inoperable or unreadable, then the audience wants to trust your content.

Know Your Audience

It is very important to analyze the audience before writing, because participation and interest are very important. To track your audience, use a tool like Google Analytics, because it’s a great way to measure your audience.

The audience overview lets you know which audiences are interested in your website, and you can write content specifically for that audience. This may vary based on age, location and gender.

For example, if you think your audience is 15 years old, write a corresponding article while paying attention to the country of origin of the traffic.

Check the originality of your content by using plagiarism checker

Obviously, writing unique content for your website is because search engines penalize similar pages. Usually, you do this to appreciate the efforts of the original author and the published website. You should only write the content once, and not copy ideas or text from other websites.

In this case, you should use a free theft detection utility online. Usually, free online hacking checkers with percentages will use this algorithm to compare your context with what has already been published on the Internet.

If a similarity is found, it will alert you with the percentage of the matching source, and you can easily change the matching line.

Create Optimized Content

Content is the fact that can help lead search engines (especially Google) in ranking competition. If you want to increase your company’s revenue, potential customers and traffic, then you should focus on writing optimized content.

The optimized content is written completely according to the search engine guidelines. If you are writing content compatible with search engines, search engines want to put it at the top of the list.

Most SEO practices are applied to the content you write for your website, such as keyword customization, on-page and other facts.

Optimized content is very important. It can be said that optimized content is just like standard content. Optimized content is usually written for a specific audience, and if you write for a specific audience, you are more likely to maintain high sales.

Add visuals

Visualization is another fact that increases the results of content marketing. People like to see visuals, whether they are reading content on your social media profile or on your website.

Visual effects are important because they can help customers believe in your content. Visual effects such as images and videos also help to win the trust of customers because they can make their clarity clear through visual effects.

If you want to write rich content on your website, it is useful to add images for reference or examples. For example, if you are checking an SEO tool, you should add a screenshot of the tool and the features it explains.

Many brands use infographics, original images and videos to explain their products, thus making e-commerce stores more interesting and worthwhile for the public, especially new customers.

Analyze Your Content

Analysis is also an important part of content marketing, because getting reports on content will help you grow better. Analysis includes many different things, including analysis before and after release. Before publishing, the analysis process includes proofreading of the article, such as grammar check, spell check, structure check and other checklist facts.

The analysis must also include verification of the uniqueness of your article. After publishing, the analysis process is not over yet, because you need to consider tracking the audience who read this article. Various tools such as Hotjar can help you measure audience activity on your website. It can even help you see where users stopped and where they are interested.

You should also use these tools to understand which types of products are more interesting and which types of products will not attract customer participation.

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