How to Improve your YouTube Channel


We have discussed this topic before, but this is a new topic. Shared new experience, YouTube is constantly updated You would say that metadata plays an important role in ranking, so metadata is beneficial to many people, but video ranking is still not good.

If metadata is beneficial to most people, then what is the reason? The video is still located at the top search of YouTube.

Some videos have standard titles, no flaws in the description, and excellent tags, but these videos will not emerge from the YouTube ocean and will sigh somewhere in the corner.

YouTube Ranking Factors:

You probably know the strategy of Google and YouTube. Whenever Google comes up with a new idea, everyone will accept it, just like when AdSense first started, no matter what it applies to. It has been accepted by Google, and AdSense is included on every website you visit. With the passage of time, AdSense has become more and more powerful, and now it is time for large websites to also use AdSense. AdSense is no longer a US visa.

Now, Google is doing the same thing on YouTube, and you will see it every day. YouTube will raise its standards, and these standards will not work. They will be eliminated. In a short period of time, millions of YouTube accounts, YouTube will be closed, the next step may be to terminate AdSense at the same speed.

Demands Of YouTube:

Back to YouTube ranking factors, there was no YouTube ranking factor some time ago. This type of video used to be YouTube’s first patch, and there is no such thing as “saving”, but it is not. With the passage of time, the demand for YouTube has also increased. When playing this video, the title is incorrect, the description is incorrect, the video is incorrect, the label is incorrect, move it to the top, its channel is not standard, please delete the channel from the YouTube page, sometimes the entire account is difficult.

What Justice Is There To Ruin Years Of Hard Work With A Single Click?

Metadata alone is no longer an important factor in ranking factors. YouTube has now been updated to the next level. He not only requires complete metadata requirements but also requires attention to other things that may happen.

What Do You Like About YouTube?

If we divide the YouTube ranking factors into three parts, this might be the case.

  1. Metadata (About metadata, I have posted in detail everyone can see my profile timeline.

Metadata is basic knowledge that YouTube does not know. What treasure is hidden in your video? Treasure said, but what’s wrong, some people will be happy, so we tell YouTube through metadata that you browse our videos through metadata, but this is problematic.

What Is The Problem?

You can use metadata to draw broken buildings and rank videos, but this kind of thing doesn’t happen, and you can’t add lime to YouTube so easily now.

  1. Watching Videos:

This means that YouTube is now focusing on videos with longer viewing times, and only if you have a good idea about video editing and video creation, the viewing time can be longer. If you cannot do this, please forget that any of your videos will be ranked. In this way, you can only rank other people’s stolen videos within a few days. The video will be deleted and your channel will be lost. Therefore, make videos that attract viewers and they will watch these videos until the end.


Experts say that if you wake up the magic in the video within those ten seconds, then the first ten seconds of the video will be very important. Therefore, the viewer looks forward, otherwise, you will stop watching the video and start looking for other videos. Therefore, in the first two seconds, you need to perform some actions to get the audience’s attention.

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