What is the Importance of Education in the Formation of the Individual?

Much more than a path to gain good jobs and higher wages, the search for knowledge is fundamental for the development of human beings. The importance of education in a person’s life is reflected in the most different spheres: in their ability to relate, to interpret information, to deal with their own emotions, to make decisions with a critical sense and, even, to obtain personal and professional satisfaction.

Returning to studying and investing in continuing education is something that involves self-knowledge and also opens the way to transformative possibilities . Take William Bonner as an example – publicist who, although he did not pursue a career in his field of education, used the knowledge acquired and connections made during college to become one of the biggest and most influential names in Brazilian journalism.

In this post, we have separated some reasons that justify the importance of studying not only for professional life , but also to help you achieve your goals. At the end of the article you will read about:

  • Development of critical thinking;
  • Better job opportunities;
  • Chance to live with different groups;
  • Evolution of maturity;
  • Creating useful links and contacts;
  • Recognition.
  • 1 Development of critical thinking
  • 2 Better job opportunities
  • 3 Chance to live with different groups
  • 4 Evolution of maturity
  • 5 Creating useful links and contacts
  • 6 Recognition

Critical thinking development

Critical thinking is a very popular feature in many contexts, including by employers. The importance of education is directly linked to the development of this skill. Think with us: everyone has their own beliefs, convictions, goals and even fears, depending on each person’s life history.

However, when it comes to problem solving, the interference of these factors becomes an obstacle, preventing the setback from being analyzed in a rational way, do you agree? On the other hand, when your way of thinking is left aside for the understanding of the situation, we are acting with the help of critical thinking .

How about you, can you think of a more suitable place to develop critical thinking than the academic environment? Here at Unopar , our students – exposed to knowledge, theories, works, ideas and experiences – are opening their minds to the new and creating the capacity to absorb this information and use it to grow professionally and personally.

Better job opportunities

It is clear that the best job opportunities will come as a natural consequence of investing in a degree . It is no longer a secret that having a higher education degree in the curriculum is no longer a differential among candidates, becoming indispensable for entering certain positions or to be able to move up the career ladder.

You have probably come across a job vacancy that has a high school degree as a minimum or in progress – or heard from the company itself that the basic criterion for growing within it is adding up-to-date knowledge to the job. And that is exactly what we are talking about when we reinforce the importance of college .

Chance to live with different groups

One of the key parts for those who want to survive and stand out not only in the job market, but in life, is knowing how to deal with others . We must remember that we will not always live with people who come from the same context as us, who think and behave as we are used to thinking and behaving. Getting a positive experience out of it is one of the benefits of going to college.

A classroom is made up of different groups – and we’re not just talking about the face-to-face classes, see? The virtual teaching platforms used by distance learning students also bring together students and teachers with different walks, visions, values ​​and objectives. This possibility of exchanging and sharing ideas is very interesting because it facilitates the creation of skills that will be of great value to your life and career, such as:

  • empathy;
  • resilience;
  • patience;
  • argumentative ability;
  • emotional intelligence;
  • ease to work as a team, etc.

Evolution of maturity

Education has an essential role in human formation since the first years of life. When the child enters school, while still small, he begins to receive knowledge that will encourage him to socialize in a healthy way, to resolve his conflicts based on respect and dialogue, to create notions of responsibility and much more. In other words, to be a good citizen.

This development of maturity is continuous , going from the first grades to entry into higher education. In college, you will also experience new situations that will contribute to your growth, your acquisition of experiences and your professional self-knowledge .

Creating useful links and contacts

Do you remember the example we gave at the beginning of the article about the journalist William Bonner, originally an advertising person, who traced his career in journalism based on the experiences and knowledge acquired in college? Well, know that networking – the creation of an agenda of professional connections – probably also helped you (and a lot) in this trajectory!


What makes you get out of bed every day to work or go looking for a job? Contrary to what many may imagine, the simple fact of guaranteeing a salary is not the only motivation for a person to continue performing their duties on a daily basis. The search for recognition of our dedication, our commitment and our skills is also a very important fuel.

The importance of career education also comes here as a motivating factor. This is because, when investing in studies and applying the knowledge acquired in the day-to-day work, enhancing results and adding value to the company with new ideas and projects, recognition will certainly come, both in the form of positive feedbacks and promotions, and even , salary increases.

So, did you like to know more about the importance of education ? As you can see, dedicating yourself to studies and obtaining a higher education degree is an investment not only in knowledge to pursue a career, but also in experiences that will be useful in the most diverse spheres of life. So, don’t let this chance pass! Think about the positive impacts of college to achieve your goals and take that transforming step in your life!

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